Óriási magyar siker a műrepülő VB-n, Nádas Tamás a TOP 10-ben!
2010. augusztus
A lengyelországi Radom adott otthont a 9. FAI Advanced Műrepülő Világbajnokságnak augusztus 05-15. között. Minden idők legnagyobb világbajnokságán, 26 ország, 91 nevező, 85 résztvevő volt, ezek a számok rekordnak számítanak a világbajnokság történetében. Nádas Tamás az összetett pontszámok alapján a nyolcadik helyet szerezte meg, ezzel az eredménnyel bekerült a világbajnokság TOP 10 legjobb pilótái közé. | bővebben ...

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About Me

Name: Nádas Tamás
Born: 20th March 1969

Results of 2011:
Hungarian Championship: Gold Medal

Results of 2010:
Hungarian Championship: Gold Medal

Results of 2009:
Hungarian Championship: Gold Medal
European Championship Q Program: Gold Medal
Czech International Cup: Silver Medal
Spanish Mediterranean Cup: Bronze Medal

I made my first personal experience with aviation in 1998 at an age 29 during a pleasure flight. It had such a great impact on me, that I've started my training on the very same day. After a few months I received my private pilot licence. However this was no enough. I switched to a Z-142 and continued my aviation career with learning aerobatic manoeuvres and stunts. I've completed my thorough aerobatics training in 2001. At that time I accumulated many hours on several aircrafts, such as the YAK-18, YAK-52 and the Z-726. A short time after I switched again, this time to single-seater aircrafts (YAK-55M; ACRO-230; CAP-231; Z-50LS) and had fun entertaining the crowd on several national events.

A major milestone was reached in 2007. It was in this year, that I received my EXTRA 300 LP, an aircraft dedicated to aerobatics. Now I was able to become a worthy opponent on several competitions. In 2009 I was finally able to reap the fruits of many years' work and training. In May on the Karlovy Vary CAP in the Czech Republic I placed overall second, in July I took the first place on the Hungarian Aerobatics Championship. I achieved my biggest success so far in Poland by winning gold in the Q Program of the 6th FAI Advanced Aerobatic Championships.


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